Dr. Cem Kınay, Chairman and CEO of The O PROPERTY Collection, has an impressive track record in luxury resort development and management. As the visionary behind the ‘o’ development concept, which is characterized by innovative, concept-driven design, peerless service and outstanding amenities, Dr. Kınay has set out to establish the leading global brand in the luxury resort market.

Previously, Dr. Kınay partnered with Oguz Serim to launch the Magic Life Group in 1990. During its lucrative 15 years history, Magic Life acquired and managed 23,000 beds in Turkey, Greece, Tunisia, Austria,Spain, Egypt and Bulgaria, served 500,000 guests, and employed a staff of 8,000 each year. This group has become synonymous with ground-breaking business practices in the travel and property sectors. In 2004 Dr. Kınay and Serim sold Magic Life group along with Gulet Touristik, their  tour operating companiesto  one of the world’s largest tour operators, TUI, acquired the hotel and tourism businesses. 

Today, Dr. Kınay is widely recognized for his many contributions to the travel industry, including the founding of Gulet Touristik, the largest tour operator in Austria (1987); ); the founding of Gulet Touropa Touristik, a tour operating company accommodating 600,000 guests annually (1997); and of Turcotel and ML Assets, a chain of 8 hotels in Turkey (2001).

Over the years Dr. Kınay has received a number of awards for his pioneering work in the industry.

In 1996 he was lauded as Austria’s “Tourism Manager of the Year” and

in 1997 , as “Man of the Year.”

In 2006 Dr Cem Kinay got "State Honor" in Austria

Prior to his entrepreneurial endeavors in the travel and tourism arena, Dr. Kınay practiced medicine at the General Hospital of Vienna, Austria, “AKH.” Dr. Kınay received his PHD from the University of Vienna Medical School, in 1984. He is a native of Turkey.