Born in Agri in 1968, Cenk Kinay moved to Vienna, Austria, for further education after graduating from high school. He then got involved in the newly established Tour Operator, Gulet Touristik, which was founded by Dr. Cem Kinay and Mag. Oğuz Serim, in 1987.

In 1990, Gulet Touristik introduced the "all-inclusive hotel" concept to the Austrian market, and branded the company "Magic Life." Magic Life club villages opened first in Turkey, followed by Greece, Tunisia, Egypt, Bulgaria, Austria, Spain, Mexico and the Caribbean.

By 1996, Gulet Touristik had become the leading charter tour operator in Europe.

 In 1997, Gulet Touristik incorporated one of Europe's major tour operators "Touropa", forming Gulet Touropa Touristik, and later signed a cooperation agreement with the German travel giant and tour operator TUI.

During his job in Tour Operation Management, he was mainly responsible for the development, sales, flight planning, capacity management, and yield management. The capacities were almost over 50% of the Austrian market, around 650 thousand guests with a sum of 300 million Euros turnover yearly.

In 2001, after an active life in the Tour Operator business, Cenk Kinay ended his work in the company and transferred to Magic Life International. There he took the lead as the Director of Project Developments. He was responsible for the development of Magic Life International in new destinations, namely Spain, Greece and Egypt. During this period, he acquired 30 properties within two years. 

In 2003, Cenk Kinay took over a new responsibility in Turkey as the Director of Division of Turkey with full operational responsibilities of 3000 employees, and 7000 beds. In 2005, he ended his career in Magic Life International. 

In less than ten years, the small enterprise turned into a world-famous European vacation company empire, which includes 23 hotels, 23,000 beds, 8,000 employees, and accommodation of over 500,000 guests per year. Consequently, it became Europe's most popular all-inclusive club. 

Moreover, throughout its history of 15 years, Gulet Touristik has provided tours to more than 6,000,000 vacationers. 

In 2006, Cenk Kinay has established a new company “Premium Partnership”  for the Hotel/Residence Project Development and Management Services as co-founder.

In 2007 , opening of Sheraton Istanbul Maslak  with its 305 rooms ,several bars and restaurants,

3.000 sqm  of SPA and 5.000 sqm of meeting facilities.

In 2008, opening of Crowne Plaze Minsk in Belarus with its 115 rooms, several bars and 

restaurants, SPA and a night club.

n 2010, opening of a Boutique Hotel in Costa Rica.

In 2012, Premium Partnership was selected as a strategic partner of Wyndham Hotels Group for Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

Also in 2012, Premium Partnership led the rebranding of a four-star hotel in Istanbul/Laleli as Ramada Grand Bazaar, with 72 rooms.

In 2013, Premium Partnership accomplished the rebranding of a four-star hotel in Sofia/Bulgaria as Ramada Sofia, with 600 rooms.

Also in 2013, the team rebranded a four-star hotel in Plovdiv/Bulgaria as Ramada Plovdiv, with 144 rooms.

Rounding out 2013's accomplishments was the rebranding and management of Tryp Hotel Hagia Sophia in Istanbul/Sultanahmet, with 63 rooms.

For 2014, Premium Partnership directed the rebranding of a four-star hotel in Guyana as Ramada Guyana, with 200 rooms, and also rebranded a four-star hotel in Belize as Ramada Belize, with 115 rooms.

In 2014,Premium Partnership absorbed the Project Management of the Aquarium 5 Star Hotel Project in Florya.The project has been rebranded as Crowne Plaza Florya.

Furthermore Cenk Kinay has established in cooperation with Travelium “Premium Destinations”

in 2013.Premium Destinations offers luxury travel services for the travelers from USA,Canada,

Central-and South America.Premium Destinations is member of ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents) and USTOA (United States Tour Operators Association).

Cenk Kinay has entered into the education sector in 2013.Business and Hospitality Management Academy (BHMA) has founded as the exclusive distributor of the American Hotel and Lodging Educational Insitute in Turkey.