Unique thinking
Arresting architecture, high quality amenities, impeccable staff, über-luxury products and unexpected services will make The O Property Collection stand out from existing companies.

The O service philosophy will be instantly recognizable and valued the world over. No two properties will appear the same, as individuality is championed by the group.

Intelligent approach
The O Property Collection understands its customer. As a luxury consumer, the O patron is well-versed in premium experiences. O anticipates this by offering above and beyond the expected, with inspiring elements in its portfolio of attractions.

O’s intelligence is also apparent in its choice of location, bypassing the expected for the surprising. O will always stay one step ahead by anticipating the competition to maintain supremacy in the sector.



From front of house to amenities, the O service philosophy is flawless. Employees will be encouraged to develop both professionally and personally, delivering the O vision and high levels of quality across the board.

This anticipatory service attitude will be apparent from the first point of contact, and will include attention to detail in all corporate identity operations including communications, promotion and staff training.

Modern, Consistent, Innovative, Inspiring, Intimate, Exclusive, Individual, Surprising, Intelligent, Effortless